How to Download Video Clips From the Web

Video clips on the Web are typically displayed using Flash technology. This technology is built-in to your Web browser and streams the video as it is being downloaded. You can't simply save a Flash video directly from a website. Instead, you need to use software to capture the video clip as it streams, then convert the file into a different video file format. A few free options for saving video clips exist.


  1. Keepvid

    • 1

      Open your Web browser and visit the Keepvid website. This site allows you to download video clips from streaming video sites. See "Resources" for a link.

    • 2

      Open a new tab in your browser by clicking "File" then "New Tab."

    • 3

      Visit your chosen website and play the video. Copy the video's URL by highlighting it then clicking "Edit" and "Copy."

    • 4

      Navigate back to Keepvid and paste the URL in the box at the top of the page by clicking "Edit" and "Paste."

    • 5

      Click the "Download" button located to the right of the URL box. Six download options are listed.

    • 6

      Click a download option. Choose "Download MP4" for the highest quality option.

    YouTube FLV Downloader

    • 7

      Download and install YouTube FLV Downloader. This free application allows you to download video clips from various streaming video sites, not only YouTube. See "Resources" for a link.

    • 8

      Open your Web browser and navigate to the video clip you want to save. Copy the link.

    • 9

      Open YouTube FLV Downloader and paste the link into the main clipboard. Right-click anywhere inside of the white space and select "Paste."

    • 10

      Click the "Download" button at the top of the application and the video is downloaded to your computer.

    Video Downloader

    • 11

      Download and install Video Downloader if you are Firefox user. This is free add-on captures video from streaming video sites. See "Resources" for a link.

    • 12

      Restart your browser after you've installed the add-on and you'll see an icon in the bottom-right corner of the browser. This is the Video Downloader add-on.

    • 13

      Open a streaming video in your browser.

    • 14

      Click the Video Downloader icon on the page and a window pops up displaying a link to a file you can download.

    • 15

      Click the link and the file is saved to your computer.

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