How to Install a Peep Sight on a Compound Bow


Rifles and pistols commonly feature rear and front sights that are lined up to assure an accurate shot. Compound bows require a similar dual-sight system. The front sight is usually attached to the bow and features adjustable pins, and the rear sight usually takes the form of a peep sight. Positioned at a specific location on the bowstring, the peep sight ensures that the handler's eye is in a consistent location in relation to the front sight, thereby providing reliable accuracy.

Things You'll Need

  • Bowstring separator
  • Peep sight
  • Dental floss
  • Lighter or match
  • Insert the tapered end of the string separator into the middle of the bowstring a few inches above the nocking point.

  • Twist the string separator clockwise 90 degrees, thereby pulling apart the string.

  • Hold your peep sight in the string opening and slowly twist the string separator 90 degrees counterclockwise to close up the string. Ensure that the string is aligned with any groove in the peep sight.

  • Draw your bow. Close your eyes and settle into your standard drawing position. Most bow users place specific knuckles behind their jawbones or under their chins.

  • Open your eyes. You should be looking through the peep sight at your forward sight on the front of your bow. If this is not the case, relax the bowstring and adjust the peep sight accordingly.

  • Repeat steps four and five until you find yourself looking through the peep sight at the forward sight in your standard draw position.

  • Relax the bowstring and cut a piece of dental floss 10 inches long.

  • Tie in the peep sight with at least eight hitch knots (identical to the first knot use to tie a shoe) just above the sight. Ensure that the sight does not move while tying it in.

  • Use another piece of dental floss to tie at least eight hitch knots just below the sight, thereby securing it in place.

  • Cut away away remaining floss 1/4 inch from the bowstring and burn away the rest with a lighter or match.

  • Draw your bowstring with your eyes closed, get into your drawing position and open your eyes to check your work.

Tips & Warnings

  • Recruit a friend to make the process much easier. While positioning the peep sight, draw the bow back and have your friend slide the sight up and down on the string until it is properly aligned with the forward sight.
  • Always wear safety goggles when installing a peep sight. A loosely attached sight can fling from a vibrating bowstring and potentially cause blindness.

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