How to Convert PowerPoint to Adobe Flash


Microsoft PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation software in the world, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and association with a corporate software giant. Adobe Flash, on the other hand, is a very highly regarded software for presenting visual information on the Internet or even in desktop applications. The steps in this article illustrate the fastest way to combine these two useful tools so you can integrate your presentation for viewing in Flash.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Flash CS3 or later
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Export and Format Your Presentation

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint and the presentation you wish to convert.

  • From the "File" menu, choose "Save As." In the "File Type" drop-down menu, choose "Windows Media Video."

    PowerPoint will begin to convert your presentation to a .wmv file. This can take quite a while, even for smaller presentations. You can watch the conversion progress in the bottom-right corner of the PowerPoint window.

  • Close PowerPoint when the conversion is complete. Then open Adobe Media Encoder, click the "Add" button in the upper-right corner, browse for your file and select it.

  • Click the "Start Queue" button in the Media Encoder to begin the process of converting your presentation movie file to a usable .flv file. When the conversion is finished, you can close the Media Encoder.

Import to Flash and Arrange

  • Open Adobe Flash and choose "File," "Import," "Import Video" and then browse to the location of your converted presentation file (with a .flv extension) and select it.

  • Click "Next" and choose the skin for the player that you want Flash to use. Click "Next" when you are finished.

  • Click "Finish," and Flash will import your video and place it on the stage with the player. In all likelihood, your video will be far larger than the stage size, so you will have to adjust the stage size appropriately.

  • Select your movie on the stage (if it is not already selected) and look in the Properties Inspector of Flash to take note of its height and width.

  • Deselect the movie on the stage and then, in the Properties Inspector, click the "Edit" button to change the size of your stage. Set the height and width to be identical to your movie size. Click "OK" when you're finished.

  • Select your movie on the stage again and, in the Properties Inspector, adjust its X,Y position to be 0,0. Save your Flash movie by using the "File," "Save" command. Preview your movie by pressing "Ctrl+Enter" on your keyboard.

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