How to Use Action Replay on DS Emulator Diamond

The road to becoming a Pokemon Diamond Master can be a long, tough journey. Luckily, you can cheat! All you need to utilize Action Replay codes for Pokemon Diamond on your DS emulator is to properly navigate the emulator’s interface. Also, you must have an Emulator that comes equipped with an Action Replay ROM. Emulators such as No$gba and iDeaS work just fine.

  1. Use Action Replay

    • 1

      Open your DS Emulator.

    • 2

      Select File and then Select Pokemon Diamond from your list of ROMs.

    • 3

      Select Utility and then scroll down to the Cheats option.

    • 4

      Activate any of your desired cheat codes for Pokemon Diamond.

    • 5

      Start the game.

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