Candy Land Game Instructions


"Candy Land" is a simple, fun game for children that helps teach basic color recognition skills. The goal is to become the first gingerbread person to reach the "Candy Castle." Movement is determined by matching colors drawn on random cards to colors found on the board. With a few hidden shortcuts and surprises "Candy Land" is a classic board game for children and adults alike.

  • Choose your gingerbread piece and place it on the "Start" space.

  • Shuffle the cards and place them in a face-down pile. Start the game with the youngest player going first then continue clockwise around the table.

  • Draw one card from the deck on your turn. If you draw a card with a single color block, move your gingerbread piece to the first color space on the path to the Candy Castle that matches the color. If you draw a card with two color blocks move to the color space that is closer to the Candy Castle. If you draw a picture card move to the pink picture space on the board that matches the picture on your card, even if you have to travel backwards.

  • Take the shortcut immediately after landing directly on the orange space below the Rainbow Trail or the yellow space below the Gumdrop Pass. Move your piece to the purple space above the Rainbow Trail or the green space above the Gumdrop Pass.

  • Lose a turn if you land on any of the three licorice spaces.

  • Play until the first person reaches the rainbow space under the Candy Castle and wins the game.


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