How to Make a Telephone Cord


A simple telephone cord can cost between $5 and $20, depending on length. Avoid this cost and make a cord to the exact length you need in just a couple of minutes. In fact, take the opportunity to be proactive: Make a few phone cords of varying lengths to cover any potential needs in the future.

Things You'll Need

  • Telecom crimping tool
  • Telephone cord
  • 2 modular telephone plugs
  • Squeeze the handles on the crimping tool together. Locate the cutting blade near the handle. Take note of the small gap at one end of the blade. The other half of the blade should be flush with the cutting surface.

  • Cut the cord to the desired length with the flush side of blade. Insert the cord into the open crimping tool, and squeeze the handles to do so.

  • Insert an end into the open crimping tool on the side with the gap. Push the wire through until it hits the backstop, which will allow you to strip the proper amount of the outer jacket from the cord.

  • Squeeze the tool shut again, and pull the wire away from the tool. The individual wires should now be exposed. Most flat, braided telephone cords will include four wires: green, red, black and yellow. Repeat this step for the other end of the wire.

  • Insert the wires into the open end of the phone plug. You should see four slots, one for each wire. Guide the red and green wires into the two middle slots, and the black and yellow wires into the two outside positions. This order reflects how a standard phone cord is wired.

    Make sure that the end of the outside jacket reaches into the plug after you have inserted the wires all the way.

  • Locate the crimping hole that fits your phone plug, and insert it until it stops. Squeeze the handle down to crimp the plug in place. Repeat the plug installation on the other end of your cord.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you use RJ-11 phone plugs. RJ-45 plugs are wider and used for Ethernet networking. They will not fit in a standard phone jack.
  • If you want to make a two-line phone cord, choose plugs with four gold pins rather than two.
  • Watch your fingers! It's easier than you think to get your skin caught in a crimping tool.

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