How Can I Get People to Know About My Website?

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Raising awareness of your website can be done using traditional advertising methods and by building a social media platform..

Making your website stand out amongst the vast number of sites on the Internet can be an exciting challenge. Your approach to marketing your site will depend on your business or the message of your site and the habits of your target audience. Understanding the goals of your site will help you choose from traditional advertising methods or the innovations from the Web 2.0 technologies. Building a social media platform as a vehicle for reaching your customers will place your site on the minds of your audience and provide valuable content for your target audience in the process.


  1. Traditional Marketing Methods

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      Design a direct mailing campaign to let potential clients in your region know your website is live and ready for traffic. Print your website address on a professionally designed postcard and purchase a mailing list of your target market from a mailing list provider. Send your postcard to your target market and follow up several weeks later with another post card. This method can be costly, so be sure that direct mail fits your target market. For example, if you own a local pizza restaurant and have just built a website, purchase a mailing list for a 5-10 mile radius of your location, offer a coupon to be printed off your website and mail this to your surrounding neighborhoods. Direct mail works best with a physical store in a small geographic location. A mailing list can be purchased using a local advertising agency or using the numerous online services that provide addresses for a fee. These fees vary widely, so consulting with a local ad agency will help you budget your marketing funds properly and choose the best addresses for your business.

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      Place an ad in your local lifestyle magazine or newspaper announcing your website address and include a call to action for your target audience to visit the site. A call to action causes the user to take action as indicated in the ad. For example, if you own a local florist shop, state in your ad that for each person who visits your website and signs up for your monthly email newsletter, he or she will receive a 20% off coupon for their next order. The effectiveness of this method will also depend on the type of business and target market you are focusing on and may not be cost effective for certain businesses.

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      Place posters, fliers, brochures and postcards announcing your new website in local businesses where your target market may frequently visit. For example, if you are a children's portrait photographer, ask your local children's clothing boutiques if you can place your postcards announcing your portrait services in their stores.

    Social Media Platforms

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      Use social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to announce your website. If you have an existing Facebook account, promote your site to your friends using a direct message to everyone with a link to your site. Place your site URL address in your status update periodically and create a new fan page for your website and ask your friends to join this page. (reference 1)

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      Provide information relevant to your potential customer using Twitter, and create "Tweets" with links on your updates. For example, if you are an infant-portrait photographer, post links to articles that a new mom would find beneficial, both photography-related topics and being-a-new-mom articles. Be sure to have your personal Twitter page display your logo and your website URL so people can easily find your site.

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      Create a blog to help provide additional information to your target audience. A blog is an excellent way to reach people who might be interested in your site by providing in-depth information regarding your topic or specialty. Write articles or create videos that provide valuable content to your target audience and post these entries to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to place icons on your blog that link directly to your social media accounts, like Facebook and Twitter. Also link this blog to your website or publish the blog directly on your site and be sure the blog is branded using the same colors, fonts and graphics as the website. A multitude of free blog platforms exist, such as Wordpress, Typepad and Blogger and are easy to establish. But if your time and computer skills are limited, hiring a designer or programmer to build your blog will ensure that your blog is professional and effective in driving more people to your website.

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      Implement the basic principles of search engine optimization for your site. Commonly referred to as SEO, this method of marketing will use search engines, such as Google, to help drive people to your site using keywords, in-bound links and meta-data from your site. SEO is enhanced by linking all of your social media to your website, and the more your site is mentioned on the Internet, the better your rankings for SEO. (see reference 2)

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