How to Make a Strawberry Tree Centerpiece


Strawberry trees add a fresh pop of color to your table. They're easy to make but look complicated enough to impress your guests. They can also help keep your guests entertained, as they're edible and interactive. There are two main shapes of this strawberry tree centerpiece: evergreen and topiary. Both are assembled quickly and are simple projects that entire families can enjoy. Once finished, your guests can have as much fun eating them as they do looking at them.

Things You'll Need

  • Foam floral cone
  • Foam floral block
  • Foal floral ball
  • Vase or bowl
  • Stones or marbles
  • 12 - 18 in dowel rod
  • Hot glue gun
  • Disposable tray
  • Toothpicks
  • 4 to 5 quarts of strawberries
  • Paring knife or strawberry huller
  • Fresh mint

Evergreen Strawberry Tree

  • Glue the bottom of your foam cone to a disposable, decorative plate or tray. Allow the glue to dry for one to two minutes. This is optional, but adds stability and a finished look to your tree.

  • Remove the green, leafy top of each strawberry with a small paring knife or a strawberry huller.

  • Press a toothpick into the foam cone so that half the toothpick is embedded in the foam and half the toothpick sticks out.

  • Press a strawberry into the toothpick so that the side that used to contain the green, leafy hull touches the foam cone.

  • Repeat Step 4 until the entire foam cone is covered in strawberries.

  • Press a toothpick into the very top of the cone and press a large strawberry into it to top off the tree. This helps give it a more distinctive triangle shape to mimic the appearance of a pine tree.

  • Press sprigs of fresh mint in random locations to create the look of leaves. You can add just a couple pieces of mint or several, depending on how much green you want on your strawberry tree.

Topiary Strawberry Tree

  • Place the foam block in the decorative bowl or vase.

  • Press the dowel into the center of the foam ball. Press the other end into the foam block. This creates the basic topiary shape.

  • Cover the foam block with stones, marbles, fabric scraps, moss or any decorative item of your choice. Stones and marbles have the added benefit of adding weigh and stability to the bottom of the topiary.

  • Press half of the toothpick into the foam ball.

  • Press a strawberry onto the other half of the toothpick.

  • Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you've completely covered the ball with strawberries.

  • Add sprigs of fresh mint sporadically throughout the strawberries to add color and interest.

Tips & Warnings

  • To make individual sized strawberry trees for each guest, use small, fist-sized foam balls or cones. You can use them for place cards as well.

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