How to Make a Snowflake Out of Plastic Pop Rings


Ornamental snowflakes can be made from something most of us throw away on a weekly basis, plastic pop rings. These rings are the plastic that holds together 6-packs of soda pop cans. It's always good when we can recycle something that normally just gets tossed into the garbage can. Plastic pop rings in particular should be reused to keep them out of the environment where wild creatures can be harmed by them. These intricate, pop ring snowflakes make wonderful holiday decorations. Hang them on walls, in front of windows or from the ceiling.

Things You'll Need

  • 16 6-hole plastic pop can rings
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Stapler
  • Fishing line


  • Lay a 6-hole pop ring vertically on a piece of paper and trace around every part of it to create a template. Make sure every detail of the pop ring is traced onto the sheet of paper.

  • Label various parts of the template. Starting a the top center between the two large ring holes on either side and the two small half-moon shapes at the top and bottom, write the letter G in the middle. Drop down to between the middle two ring holes and place the letter H. Drop down to the bottom two ring holes and place the letter I.

  • Go to the very top of the template and on the left, just under the squared-off point, place the letter C. In the same spot but on the opposite side, place the letter D.

  • Place the letter A at the farthest point out on the curve of the first set of ring holes. Do this on both the left and right sides.

  • Drop down to the middle set of rings and place the letter E on the left side. Place the letter F on the right side. Place these in the same positions as the letter A in Step 4.

  • Drop down to the bottom set of rings. Place the letter B in the same positions as the letter A in Step 4.

  • Keep this template close at hand for reference while creating the snowflake.


  • Lay a pop can ring horizontally on the worktable. Fold it in half and match A to A and staple. Match B to B and staple. Do this with all 16 pop can rings.

  • Separate the 16 pop can rings into two groups of eight. Create a circle with each group by stapling point E on one pop ring to point F on the next one until all eight are stapled together. Repeat for the second group of eight.

  • Line up point C on one ring with point D of the next ring and staple. Work all around the set of eight. Repeat for the other group of eight pop rings.

  • Line up the two sets of eight rings. Match up points G, H and I between the two sets of rings and staple at each of the three points all the way around to finish the snowflake.

  • Attach a length of fishing line to the tip of one point of the snowflake and hang it up.

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