How to Make Dragonair Evolve Faster to Dragonite


Dragonair, a dragon from the popular anime and game series, Pokemon, begins as the small and adorable Dratini. Although some Pokemon creatures evolve with the added use of stones and special potions, Dragonair must reach level 55 before it becomes Dragonite. One of the five pseudo-legendary creatures throughout the series of games, training and evolving Dragonair proves to make you a real Pokemon Master.

Things You'll Need

  • Copy of Pokemon Fire Red for Gameboy Advance
  • Find and capture a Dragonair Pokemon. A water-element Pokemon, Dragonair is found past Eterna City in the water near a waterfall. Use a dive-ball to capture the Pokemon. A dive ball, one of the 25 Poke' ball types, is used to capture water-dwelling Pokemon creatures.

  • Engage your Dragonair Pokemon in battle with enemies of similar levels. Dragonair evolves from Dratini at level 30. Fight Dragonair against Pokemon creatures that are weakened by water damage.

  • Keep Dragonair healthy and happy by avoiding knock-outs during battle. Take Dragonair to clinics frequently to rest and keep up its health. Clinics are located in every town and noted on Pokemon game maps.

  • Use Dragonair's special attacks when they are available, as often as possible. Power attacks earn Pokemon's higher experience points during battles. Special attacks include Dragon Dance, Outrage and Hyper beam.

  • Engage your Dragonair in battle until it reaches level 55. Upon reaching level 55, you can choose to evolve Dragonair to Dragonite via the attack menu during battle.

Tips & Warnings

  • Refrain from evolving Dragonair until it levels up to around 65-70. This not only strengthens its stats, but it also makes more specialty attacks available sooner for Dragonite.

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