How to Become a Big Daddy in Bioshock


"Bioshock" is a first-person shooter game where you play as Jack, who finds himself trapped in the underwater city known as Rapture in an alternate history 1960. Jack must move through Rapture, defeating enemies of all shapes and sizes. Near the end Jack finds himself in pursuit of the main antagonist, who secures himself behind a door that can only be opened by a Little Sister. In order get the Little Sister to help, Jack must become a protector of the Little Sisters, known as a Big Daddy. Jack must look, sound and smell like a Big Daddy by gathering all the necessary equipment.

  • Acquire the Suit Control System from the Big Daddy corpse located in the Atrium. The body can be found near the Power to the People station. The station is marked on your Point Prometheus mission map.

  • Acquire three Big Daddy pheromone samples. There are a total of five samples on the level, but you only need three. All samples can be found in the Little Wonders Educational Facility. The first pheromone sample is located in Room 5. The second sample is located in Room 7. (Note: Room 7 can only be accessed by jumping down from the second floor.) The third sample is located in the Autopsy Ward. The fourth and fifth samples can be found on desks on the second level of the facility.

  • Access the Voicebox Modification Prototype. This will make you sound like a Big Daddy. The VMP can be found in the Live Subject Control Room of the Optimized Eugenics Facility.

  • Acquire the Big Daddy suit. The suit is divided into three parts. Two of these parts are located in the Failsafe Armored Escorts facility. This is right across the Main Hall from the Optimized Eugenics Facility. The bodysuit is located in the Main Room of the facility. The helmet can be found in the Candidate Induction Room. The boots are located on the second floor of the Mendel Family Library.

  • Return to the locked door in the Atrium section of the level and bang on the nearby duct with your wrench. This will summon a Little Sister to open the door for you.

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