How to Draw People Praying


Prayer is a deeply personal activity. It can take place in places of worship, at home or anywhere, and can be done in different ways by different people. People pray in different positions, depending on their religion or their preferences; some pray standing with their arms raised, some kneel, some get down on hands and knees. However, a simple image of individuals with hands clasped in front them is a classic representation of prayer, and one that is widely recognized by people all over the world.

  • Draw several ovals vertically side by side, with some space in between each. These ovals represent the heads of the people in prayer. The heads will be shaped like upside down eggs--wider at the top and more narrow at the bottom.

  • Draw a neck extending from the bottom of each head. Draw two lines on either side of the bottom of the head, curving inward and then back out. Extend the lines of the neck on each side to widen over the shoulders and down at the arms, to the elbows.

  • Draw a narrow diamond shape (taller than it is wide) in the center of the chest of each person, starting at the base of the neck. The corners of the diamond should be curved rather than pointed. Leave off the bottom point of the diamond. This represents the hands pressed together in prayer.

  • Draw a diagonal line from the base of the diamond on the left side to the base of the elbow on the left side of the body. Do this on each person. This is the outer line of the forearm. Repeat this on the right side of the diamond to the right elbow.

  • Draw an upside down V below each diamond, between the outer lines of the forearms, to represent the inner lines of the forearms.

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