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With the vast number of active websites available, launching a site that stands out from the crowd may seem like an overwhelming task. However, thanks to today’s large number of promotional options, your Web property's launch can be a prominent and effective one. You have a wide range of tools and services specifically designed to raise awareness among potential clients and prospects. These promotional tactics can work well when properly executed, which requires a mixture of social skills, entrepreneurship and perseverance.

Email Friends

  • The launch of a website often starts through simple options, which can nevertheless prove effective. Email your friends about your website to gradually boost its overall traffic; these individuals could potentially tell their friends as well as visit the site themselves. Spread the word through indirect promotion, such as including your website as a signature at the end of each email message. If you rely on email communication, adding the website to your signature could make its announcement more successful over time.

Share on Social Media

  • People use social media not only as a way to stay in touch but also as a prominent promotional tool. Compose a succinct, effective message detailing what your website is all about and what features it has to offer. Post it for your followers on social media sites to see and invite them to share their opinions through constructive feedback. Additionally, create specialized social pages and use them to keep followers informed about your website’s latest news and updates.

Join Online Discussions

  • Announcing the launch of your website works more effectively if you communicate it to a targeted audience. Join online forums and participate in blog discussions that are related to your website’s main objective. Introduce your website in a conversational and natural manner, highlighting its features and how it would benefit the audience you are addressing. Participate in such online discussions on a regular basis and rely on multiple sources.

Engage in Guest Blogging

  • Guest blogging, or guest posting, refers to the submission of an article on someone else’s blog in exchange for subtle promotional benefits. Find established, relevant blogs and introduce yourself to the owners; express your interest in publishing an opinion piece on the blog in question. The blog owners benefit from receiving free content, while you get the opportunity to announce your new website to a targeted audience. Depending on the blog’s guidelines, you can do this within the body of your article or as part of your author signature.

Email Newsletter Announcement

  • An email newsletter campaign is often an effective choice because the people who consent to receive your messages are generally interested in hearing from you. If you already have an online mailing list, send out a message announcing the website’s launch along with a brief explanation of why it should matter to them. An email newsletter works especially well if your mailing list is directly involved or otherwise interested in the content your website provides.

Launch an Advertising Campaign

  • A pay-per-click campaign refers to the standard advertisements that regularly circulate through most modern websites. Open an account with an advertising network such as Google AdWords or Facebook. Create an advertisement that primarily speaks to your target audience, as these networks allow you to select from multiple targeting options such as age, gender, location and interests. Make your message brief but engaging, raising curiosity among potential visitors to your site.

Use Direct Mail

  • While direct mail does not always target a specific demographic, you can still perform a successful website promotion using this older, but proven tactic. Every household receives mail; the residents open their mailboxes regularly, and they carefully inspect the contents. Focus your mailing on your website’s primary benefits but also try to connect and relate with a broader audience by outlining something that generally attracts a wide range of people. For example, inform them of a seasonal feature, service or offer available around the time of the mailing.

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