How to Breast a Pheasant


Pheasants are an upland bird species that live in grasslands and are the target of hunters every fall during the pheasant season. In addition, some people hunt at game farms, which offer year-round hunting for the birds. Pheasants are known as one of the best eating of the upland game birds; their meat is white and light. While hunting for pheasants can be a lot of work and involve walking through some thick cover, the rewards are worth it, as they make excellent table fare.

Things You'll Need

  • Game scissors
  • Trash bag
  • Grab your game scissors and cut off the pheasant's wings. A single bone connects each wing to the body. Make the cut as close to the body as possible.

  • Cut off the pheasant's head with the scissors. Cut through the neck, as close as possible to the body.

  • Cut off one of the pheasant's legs by making a cut just above the knee joint. Most states require that one leg be kept on the bird's body so it can be identified as a pheasant.

  • Grab the skin at the top of the bird and begin pulling the skin downward, toward its tail. The skin will peel off the body so long as you give it a firm, consistent tug. Remove all of the skin.

  • Cut off the bird's tail. Again, cut as close to the body as possible.

  • Find the pheasant's backbone, and then use your scissors to cut along each side of it, from the top of the bird to the bottom.

  • Grab hold of the backbone and give it a firm tug, starting from where the bird's head was. Continue pulling until you have removed the backbone from the bird.

  • Remove all entrails that remain after you have removed the backbone. While most should come out when you pull out the backbone, some may not.

  • Run cold water over the breast and rub away any blood or dirty areas.

  • Place all parts of the bird, with the exception of the breast, in a trash bag.

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