How to Update Text in an HTML File


You can make minor or major changes to a Web page within an HTML file. Hypertext markup language (HTML) helps you create and format a Web page. You can change your page title (which appears in the title bar of your browser), add keywords and page descriptions, include links to an email address or another Web page, add or remove content and style your text. Once the updates are complete, simply save the HTML file or re-save it with a different name to create another Web page.

  • Open the HTML file you want to edit in a text editor, such as Notepad.

  • Update the page title within an HTML file by finding the <HEAD> tag. Then add or modify the <TITLE> tag, replacing replacing the content between <title> and </title>:

    <title>Untitled Document</title>

  • Update keywords within a HTML file within the <HEAD> tag by modifying the following (and replacing the content for "keyword1, keyword2"):

    <meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2" />

  • Scroll down to the <BODY> tag in your HTML file. Then find the text you want to change or remove and add your own

  • Add a line break after a sentence or paragraph by adding “<br/>” after the text. To double-space, use the <P> tag as follows (and replace the text within the tag):

    <p>Your paragraph goes here</p>

  • Make the text within your HTML file bold by surrounding it with the <B> tag as follows and then replace the words with your content:

    <b>The words you want to emphasize</b>

  • Add an underline to a word by surrounding it with the <U> tag as follows, then replace the words with your content:

    <u>The words you want to underline go here</u>

  • Italicize words within your page with the <I> tag as follows:

    <i>The words you want to italicize</i>

  • Use the anchor <A> tag to create a link to a page or email address in your HTML file, replacing the link with the correct Web address or email address, as follows:

    <a href=";>Link to Page</a> or <a href="">My Email</a>

    "Link to Page" and "My Email" above is the text that displays to the user as a link.

  • Resave the changes you made to the HTML file by selecting “File” and “Save” from the toolbar. To rename the file, choose “File” and “Save As” instead, and add the page name you want to use. Be sure to include the .HTML or .HTM file extension before clicking “Save.”

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to close each HTML tag you use (after your line of text) so that each HTML element has an opening and closing tag, like so: <b>text here</b>

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