How to Register Dll Files Using a Command Prompt

A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file is a file that contains data that can be used by multiple applications. Some DLL files contain computer viruses and must be removed. Other DLL files are necessary for the Windows operating system to function properly. Sometimes, users accidentally delete a necessary DLL and must re-register it. Fortunately, the Windows operating system provides a simple command that allows users to register DLL files.


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      Hold down the Windows key and press "R." The Run box opens.

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      Type "regsvr32 path\filename.dll" into the Run box. Note that "path" should be replaced with the actual location where the DLL file is located and "filename" should be replaced with the name of the DLL file you wish to register. For example, C:\Windows\System32\mydll.dll would register a DLL named "mydll" that is located in the "Windows\System32" folder.

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      Click "OK." You will see a confirmation pop up listing your newly registered DLL file.

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