How to Put Video on a Flash Drive

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How to Put Video on a Flash Drive

Flash drives are portable storage devices which can hold large amounts of information. They vary in memory size, ranging anywhere from 512MB to 16GB and more, which makes them ideal for saving videos. Flash drives are cross-platform devices and support any video format, so if you have a video that you do not want to lose if something happens to your computer, you can easily upload it to your flash drive.


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      Plug your flash drive into an open USB port on your computer.

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      Double-click "My Computer" on the desktop to launch Windows Explorer if you are using a Windows operating system. You should see your flash drive's icon listed as a portable hard disk. For Mac users, the flash drive's icon is on the desktop.

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      Double-click the flash drive icon to launch it. Locate your video file from the folder or location you have it in on your computer and drag it into the flash drive window. A status displays the progressing of the upload. Alternatively, right-click the video file and click "Copy." Right-click anywhere on the flash drive window and click "Paste” to upload the video on your flash drive. Make sure the video size does not exceed your flash drive's memory space.

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      Close the flash drive window when you finish uploading your video and click the "Safely remove hardware" icon on the system tray next to the clock if you are using Windows. On the new hardware window that opens, click your flash drive, and click "Stop." When prompted, unplug your flash drive from the computer. If you are using a Mac, safely remove your flash drive by right-clicking its icon on the desktop and clicking "Eject." When the icon disappears from the desktop, unplug the flash drive from the computer.

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