Troubleshooting Windows XP: Changing Pictures on a Desktop Background

Windows XP allows the user to customize the background image (or wallpaper). This wallpaper can be any picture housed on the local hard drive or even a solid color/pattern. Windows XP ships with an assortment of default images and patterns that may be selected or you may use a picture of your own. This is a fun way to personalize your desktop as well as show off your photography skills.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows XP


    • 1

      Right-click on the desktop and choose Properties. This will open a new window titled "Display Properties."

    • 2

      Select the Desktop tab.

    • 3

      Choose a file from the list of default patterns or pictures listed in the Background list or click on Browse to navigate the hard drive for an image of your own choosing.

    • 4

      Use the Position pull down menu to either Stretch the image to fit the desktop, Center the image to be positioned directly in the middle of the desktop or Tile to repeat the image until the desktop is full.

    • 5

      Click on the Apply button once you are satisfied with the appearance and then OK to return to the desktop.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you would rather have no image but just a solid color wallpaper, select [None] from the Background list and then choose a color from the Color pull down menu in the Display Properties menu.
  • There are many third-party programs that can randomly choose a wallpaper from a user defined list of images each time the desktop is loaded. These programs can also change the background at predetermined intervals as well.
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