How to Find Free Ancestry Information

Have you been wondering how to find free ancestry information to fill in your family tree? There are numerous free resources that you can find online, at church and from local governments. Most resources will help you find even more information than they have to offer. When researching ancestors, it is best if you know what town or state your family is from to start your search.


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      Local Governments

      Visit the local government of the city or town that you believe one of your ancestors was born. If the location is far away, you can see if they have an online website with genealogy information.

      You may be able to find free family crest information, free family tree information or free information about your ancestors, directly from the source.

      You can look up free social security death index information, free birth certificate information and free marriage information. You may have to pay a small fee if you want a copy of something printed out for you, but you can look at the information for free.

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      Visit your local Mormon Church to see if they have free ancestry information available. The Mormon Church is very famous for keeping accurate historical records whether or not your family is of the Mormon faith.

      Although the Mormon's are famous for keeping excellent historical records, there are other churches that keep records too such as the Catholic Church.

      You may be able to find all of the Census records for the United States and possibly other countries, all of the old ship record logs of passengers entering the United States of America and access to ordering birth certificates from all over the world.

      Many churches offer free genealogy information and allow you to search for ancestors for free even if you are not a member of their church.

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      Visit one of the numerous websites that offers free genealogy information including the local governments where your ancestors were born. Even popular websites such as offers many services for free, when you are researching your ancestors that is a good place to start.

      You can also visit:,,,,,,,, or for more free genealogy information.

      Every day there is more and more free genealogy information on the web. Every ten years there is another US Census released for viewing by the general public. Start your search for your family members today.

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