How to Use Free Grant Writing Software

Free grant writing software can be helpful when planning and writing a grant proposal. Grant writing software allows a grant proposal to be easily sorted, organized in templates, and makes it easier assorted guidelines when applying to more then one grant at a time.


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      Make sure your free grant writing software is legit. Many internet scam artists will set up websites that give away free grant software or claims to do the grant writing for you for free, just to gather information. Websites like these are scams. Free software found on the internet should be either be able to be downloaded and not be contacted to the internet. Or some grant writing software is given to applicants when applying for a grant or through grant writing seminars.

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      Do not expect or plan for the free grant writing software to do the grant writing for you. Grant writing software is designed to give writers a way to organize the grant proposal and make sure that all information is include.

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      Experiment with the grant writing templates available. Despite many common grant how to articles, not all grant proposals should be written in the same format. Just make sure the grant writing template that was chosen is compatible with the guidelines of the grant applying for.

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      Before getting started with writing the grant proposal, reread the grant guidelines and make a list of sections required for the proposal. Most free grant writing software will allow you to type in and name sections one by one. So as you start to write the sections of the proposal, you can see what sections are done and what once still need work.

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      Do not rely on the spell check from the software program. Before sending in the grant proposal make sure the spelling and grammar is checked by another person. I also recommend that a grant proposal be checked for editing in another program, just to make sure all errors are corrected.

Tips & Warnings

  • Many free grant writing software programs have valuable resource sections that help new and intermediate grant writers with grant terms and resources.
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