Presto Cooker Canner Instructions


The Presto canner is a stovetop appliance that creates the needed temperatures to preserve food safely for later use. The canner may double as a pressure cooker, if desired. The pressure of the canner is determined by the amount of weight used by the three-piece regulator included with the canner. Each piece increases the pressure that is built inside the canner during the heating process.

Things You'll Need

  • Canning or pressure cooking recipe
  • Canning tongs
  • Wash and dry the Presto canner before using it the first time. Make sure to remove the gasket from the cover and wash it separately from the metal parts of the canner.

  • Insure that the vent pipe is clear by holding the lid up to the light. You should be able to see through the vent. If it is not clear, run hot water through the vent to remove any debris that is clogging the pipe.

  • Place the canning rack into the pressure canner. For canning, add boiling water to the lowest fill line on the inside of the canner. If you are using the canner as a pressure cooker, always use the rack for cooking meat.

  • Place the filled canning jars into the canner using canning tongs. If you are using the Presto as a pressure cooker, follow the recipe instruction.

  • Align the "V" mark of the lid with the "V" mark on the canner pot and then twist the lid in a clockwise position to lock the lid in place.

  • Refer to the recipe for canning pressure. For 5 pounds of pressure, assemble the pressure regulator with only the bottom ring; for 10 pounds, use the bottom and middle ring; for 15 pounds of pressure, use all three rings. Insert the pressure regulator into the vent.

  • Heat the canner over medium-high heat until the pressure regulator begins to rock. Begin the processing time listed in the recipe.

  • Remove the canner from the heat when the processing time is complete. Allow the canner to cool naturally. When pressure has been completely reduced, remove the pressure regulator from the vent pipe.

  • Unlock the lid of the canner by twisting the lid counterclockwise. Lift the cover toward you to keep steam away. Remove the jars to an area where they can complete the cooling process undisturbed. If you have cooked a meal in the pressure canner, serve as soon as you remove the lid.

Tips & Warnings

  • Older Presto canners have a round pressure regulator with three holes that determine the pressure in the pot. Choose the hole that meets the recipes requirements on these older canners.
  • Larger Presto cookers, i.e., the 22-quart, may have a dial pressure regulator. When using this type of canner, watch the dial and adjust the heat as necessary to stay at the desired pressure.

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