How to Choose Office Paint Color

Choosing an office paint color is not a decision to be taken lightly, especially according to Feng Shui experts. Whether you believe in those decorative theories or not, the color you paint your office can have a significant influence on your mood and focus. Here's how to pick a paint color that you will enjoy working in.


    • 1

      Think about how different paint colors make you feel, in general. If red makes you nervous or overexcited, for example, you don't want to pant your office or study a red hue.

    • 2

      Consider your business goals. If you want to lean towards the Feng Shui side of things, the office paint color you choose can bring you fame, fortune, health, or any number of other virtues. If you want an office paint color to bring you wealth for example, you might choose a blue or purple hue.

    • 3

      Tie the office paint colors into a color scheme complimentary of your business.

    • 4

      Pick an office paint color that blends in with the rest of the color scheme of the house (for small home offices).

    • 5

      Choose your own personal favorite color. If you're looking to paint an office, it's likely your own home office, so choose a color that you personally favor; one that calms and invigorates you simultaneously.

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