How to Convert a Cell Phone Message to MP3


Converting text or voice-mail messages on your cell phone to MP3s is useful in different situations. Many people do this to remind themselves of important meetings or to save messages for legal purposes. Saving messages as MP3s is convenient because you can listen to them just about anywhere, from your car stereo to your iPod. But first, your phone has to connect to a PC to make the conversion.

Things You'll Need

  • USB cord
  • PC
  • PC microphone
  • Turn on your PC. Select a recording program to open. If you have not downloaded one, you can click the start menu button, select “All Programs” and then click “Accessories.” Next click the folder that says “Entertainment” and then “Voice Recorder.” Note that this built-in recorder only records in 30- to 60-second increments.

  • Place the microphone near the cell phone. If you have your speakers on at the same time, you will hear cell phone feedback, so switch them off before recording.

  • Turn on your cell phone. Call up your voice mail. Turn the phone's speaker function on. Find the voice mail you wish to record and before reviewing it, turn the PC's recorder on and then press "Play" for the message.

  • Save the message to your desktop or target folder. It will most likely save as a WAV file, unless you are using an MP3 recorder, in which case you can save it directly as an MP3. If it saves as a WAV file, you can convert this over to an MP3 file by downloading an audio conversion program such as Blazemp. These programs are available online for a fee.

  • If the message you are converting is a voice recording or dictation, connect your phone to the PC using the USB port. Select your phone’s drive from the PC drive list, in the "My Computer" folder on the PC. Next, select the folder housing the file. Drag it onto the desktop of your PC. Open a program that converts this WAV to an MP3 and click “Convert.” Once it is converted it will save to the folder you choose.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you find this difficult, you can download an Internet phone (like Skype) and retrieve your voice mail from the Skype website. Oftentimes those programs come with recorders and you can just click "Record" when you start playing your message. It may save the voice mail as a WAV file, which can be converted with several free programs such as iTunes.

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