How to Find the Vin Number on a Honda Engine Block


If you own a Honda car that was manufactured since the 1950s, you should be able to find its VIN in several places, including the engine block. It is easy to miss if you are not looking for it, but it is there. All you need to know is where and for what you should be looking. Once you find your Honda’s VIN, it can tell you a lot about your car.

  • Release the hood on your Honda. Prop it up using the supplied prop rod so that you have both hands free.

  • Look at the engine block. Even if you do not know much about cars, you will be able to figure out which part it is, as it is huge. It will usually have its displacement written somewhere on it (2.5L, perhaps). It may also say that it is a dual-overhead or single-overhead cam engine (DOHC or SOHC).

  • Look at the front of the engine block. You should see an area where some writing has been machined onto the front of the block. Your VIN will be in amongst this information, and will be labeled as such.

  • Write your VIN down. You may wish to keep it with any other documentation you have on your car for later consultation.

Tips & Warnings

  • VINs were not standardized worldwide until 1981. Therefore, if you have an older Honda, its VIN may look different than one manufactured from 1981 forward. Cars after 1981, including Hondas, have standard 17-character VINs that are structured in a specific way.
  • Each character in a VIN on a vehicle from 1981 forward represents a specific thing. The first character tells you where it was made. The second character tells you which car maker made your car. The third indicates type of vehicle. The fourth through eight characters are model and feature specific. The ninth character was used by the company to determine that the VIN as written up to that point was accurate. The 10th is indicative of model year. The 11th tells you which factory assembled your vehicle. Finally, the 12th through 17th tell you where your vehicle came in order on the factory’s assembly line.
  • If the numbers on your engine block have rubbed off or otherwise become obscured, do not worry. You can also locate your Honda’s VIN on the door frame, on the steering column or wheel, on your car’s title or registration, and on the dash (close to the windshield), just to name a few options.

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