How to Send a Picture on a Blackberry


The BlackBerry is a mobile smart phone device that serves as a web browser, GPS, personal organizer and cellular telephone, to name several functions. Regardless of the model or style of the BlackBerry, sending pictures requires the same process. Sending pictures from your BlackBerry is moderately easy, but the device must be turned on and charged to perform the intended function. You must also have a phone plan that supports text messaging, and the phone you're sending pictures to must be able to accept photos.

  • Find the picture you want to send. The pictures you've taken with the BlackBerry are saved in the phone and can all be accessed by selecting the application labeled with the icon of a gray digital camera. After using the trackball to highlight this icon, press down on the trackball to open the camera feature on the BlackBerry.

  • Press the “Menu” key (directly left of the trackball). A set of options will come up on the screen; use the trackball to scroll down and select “View Pictures.” All of the pictures you've taken with your BlackBerry will be visible, and you must use the trackball to highlight the picture you intend to send.

  • Press the “Menu” key once you're highlighting the picture you want to send. A long list of options will pop up, and you have to scroll down to find the three options for sending your photo: “Send as Email,” “Send as MMS” and “Send Using Bluetooth.”

  • Choose “Send as Email” to send the photo via email. (Note that you must have an Internet plan for your BlackBerry to use this option.) You will be prompted to input the email address you wish to send the picture to.

  • Select “Send as MMS” to send the photo via multimedia messaging service. (Any BlackBerry can send an MMS picture, but not all phones can receive MMS, so be sure the recipient’s phone has MMS capabilities before selecting this option.) Your address book will automatically open up, and you must select the person you wish to send the picture to. After you've selected the name, a preview will show the picture in the body of you message. You may add any additional message at this point. To send, press the trackball, and select "Send."

  • Send a picture through Bluetooth using the same process as if you were sending through Email or MMS, only be sure the recipient’s Bluetooth device is turned on to accept transfers. Select “Send Using Bluetooth,” and select the device you wish to send it to. Press the trackball and select "Send."

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