How to Make a Beer Case Hat


There is certainly more than one way to recycle those used up beer cases accumulating near your trash can. With a few of those cases and some basic craft supplies (scissors, pencil, compass), you can turn your used up boxes into what some people might call works of art. These cases can be transformed into hats, sure to complete a last-minute costume or make you the laugh of the party. Similarly, if you are looking for a theme for a party, or a group costume, these hats can be a fun project that provides cohesive costumes while still allowing for individual design preference.

Things You'll Need

  • Three beer cases (12 packs)
  • Shoelace
  • Pen, pencil or marker
  • Compass
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • Stapler
  • Flatten all three beer boxes by unsealing the seams on all sides of the box. Lay all three on a flat surface, and flatten over with your hands so that there are no bumps or bulges. Set two of the boxes aside for now.

  • Lay one box flat in front of you, with the brown cardboard side facing up. Wrap the shoelace around the widest part of your head and place your finger on the point where it overlaps to mark the size of your head. You can choose to make the hat a little bigger than your head if you think it will be more comfortable.

  • Lay the circled shoelace on the cardboard box. Trace the shape of your head onto the box with a pen, pencil or marker. Cut this circular piece with your scissors or utility knife; this piece will serve as the top of your hat.

  • Replace the cut piece of cardboard with the second flat box, also laid down so that the brown cardboard is facing up. Trace the circle you already cut onto the box and set aside the cut-out circle.

  • Place the point of your compass in the center of the traced circle. Extend the leg of the compass out three inches beyond the edge of the circle, and trace a larger circle at that distance. Cut out the larger circle, then the smaller circle. This will serve as the brim of your hat.

  • Cut four-inch-long strips out of the third box to connect the brim of your hat to the top. The number of strips you need will depend on how wide you make them; if you choose, you can leave gaps between the strips, or cover the whole area of the hat.

  • Fold the top inch of the strips over the top of the hat and staple into place. Fold the bottom of the strips similarly under the brim of the hat and staple into place. Continue to cut and staple strips until your hat is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • Once the hat is complete, you can decorate it with paint, stickers, pictures or anything you choose.

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