How to Buy Liquid Paraffin


Paraffin is a flammable substance that is used both for beauty treatments and as a heating oil in lamps and candles. Liquid paraffin is most commonly found on the retail market as a fuel for heating. When used as directed, paraffin usually does not emit smoke or odor. Buying paraffin oil is not difficult, but it does require careful research as shipping costs can be high and the wrong kind of liquid paraffin could be unusable in your lamp or candle.

  • Determine if your lamp or candle requires a specific type of liquid paraffin. You may need to refer to the manufacturer’s website or your instruction booklet for this information.

  • Decide how much liquid paraffin you really need and how much you can afford to spend. Typically a gallon of paraffin oil costs about $10 to $20 as of 2010, but shipping costs could exceed $10 depending on which merchant you select. This is due to the weight of paraffin oil gallons.

  • Visit the websites of merchants who sell paraffin oil. There are dozens on the Internet, but just a few possible choices are Church Partner, Amazon and The WEBstaurant Store.

    Alternatively, you can check with your local home supply or hardware store to see if they carry paraffin oil or can order it for you. This might save you money on shipping costs.

  • Enter the words “liquid paraffin” or “paraffin oil” into each website’s search function if you opted to pursue your purchase online.

  • Read each individual page you visit carefully. Make sure this is the right paraffin for your needs. Understand shipping costs and any other appropriate information such as shipping time or vendor return policies if you require an exchange or refund.

  • Place your liquid paraffin order once you are comfortable that you’ve selected the right company for your specific needs. Give the personal information necessary to complete your purchase, which typically includes your full name, shipping address, telephone number and credit or debit card data.

    If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can call the merchant at its customer service number (this information should be noted on the business website.) Request instructions on how to complete the transaction by mail order. Usually you’ll be asked to obtain a money order to finish the purchase, though a few retailers will accept company or personal checks. Keep in mind if you use a check, it will almost always be held to ensure the funds clear before any merchandise can be shipped.

  • Wait for your liquid paraffin to arrive. If you ordered online, you’ll typically receive an e-mail confirmation with shipping details including a delivery tracking number.

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