How to Customize Nike Jerseys

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If you play on a recreational, school or club sports team, you can make a fashion statement by customizing your jersey. Sports uniforms can help to unite your team; the customization allows your team’s unique character and creativity to shine through. Nike provides custom options on their website for a variety of sports, such as football, soccer and volleyball, which allow you to design your jersey with your team’s colors and name.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access


  1. Hold a team meeting and come to a consensus on how the jersey will be designed. Discuss all of the variables that go into designing a sports jersey, such as style, colors and wording.

  2. Visit the team sports section of the Nike website; various types of jerseys will be available for your team to customize. Choose the appropriate style of jersey for your sport or activity.

  3. Enter the colors that you have chosen for the jersey. Different colors can be chosen for each area of the shirt, such as the base, sleeve, band around the sleeve, player number, player name and team name.

  4. Choose the print and layout for the front, back and sleeve jersey number. Nike offers numerous different fonts and styles; select the one that you prefer.

  5. Pick the custom artwork that you want on the shirt, such as the name of your team, school or city.

  6. View the final product on the Nike website. Check that all information on each shirt is spelled correctly. Make any changes necessary and then finalize your order.



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