How to Convert an Apple Drive to PC

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How to Convert an Apple Drive to PC

If you connect an external hard drive to your Apple computer, you may find it difficult to reconnect it to a PC. This is due to Windows-based computers being unable to read Apple formatted drives (Macs can read both Apple and Windows based hard drives). If you want to convert your Mac-based external hard drive to a PC, you need to reformat the drive to properly run on a Windows computer.


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      Backup and save all the files you want to keep. Once you format the hard drive the computer erases all the content you have saved.

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      Connect the hard drive to the Mac computer. This is typically done through a USB or FireWire cable.

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      Launch "Disk Utility." You can find the application by opening up "Macintosh HD," select "Applications," followed by "Utilities" and finally "Disk Utility."

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      Look through the listing of drives on the left side of the Disk Utility screen. Select the external hard drive.

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      Select the "Volume Format" and select "MS-Dos (FAT32)" as the format option. Click "OK" and you are asked if you're sure you want to erase the contents from the hard drive. Select "Yes" and the Mac computer formats the drive to run with a PC computer.

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