How to Put a Strap on a Camera


To avoid a disastrous, early ending to your photo shoot, learning how to thread your camera strap through the fasteners is essential. Camera straps have two pairs of plastic fasteners that slide along the nylon strap to hold the ends tightly together and prevent them from sticking out. When properly threaded, the strap's ends loop back under the inner fasteners to provide extra grip to the stress points near the camera's eyelets. If the strap's tips are exposed, the strap can work loose and fail to hold your camera around your neck.

  • Thread one end of the strap through the camera's first eyelet. The eyelets are the metal loops near the top of each side of the camera; you can begin on either side. When threading the strap through the first eyelet, ensure that the strap's buckle faces outward, exposing the strap loop away from the camera. The buckle is the larger of the two plastic fasteners on each end of the strap.

  • Thread the strap through the smaller inner fastener and then slide that fastener down to the camera's eyelet. At this point, the strap is attached to the first eyelet but not yet secured, and about 3 to 4 inches of the strap's tip dangles in the camera's direction.

  • Hold the buckle between your thumb and forefinger and pull the strap out by 2 to 3 inches. The buckle now holds together two sides of a loop about 6 to 9 inches in circumference.

  • Thread the strap through the buckle's top slit, passing it inside the loop and threading it back out through the bottom slit. If your strap's buckle exposed the strap loop away from the camera in Step 1 and your strap's tip dangled toward the camera in Step 2, you can properly thread the strap through the buckle. Each slit in the buckle now holds two layers of the strap, and the tip itself is enclosed by two layers of the strap.

  • Pull the buckle tight on the two loops threaded through it, then slide the small fastener up until it nearly touches the buckle. The small fastener holds three layers of the strap, and the outer layers prevent the tip from sticking out.

  • Repeat these steps for the camera's opposite side.

Tips & Warnings

  • For heavy cameras with large lenses and battery packs, you may want to use a shoulder strap instead of a neck strap. Shoulder straps usually attach to the threaded mounting hole in the camera's base where a tripod plate fits.
  • It may be tempting to save money by purchasing a cheap camera strap, but these straps often come apart at the stress points when in use. For example, the threaded bolt in a shoulder strap can detach from the strap, dropping your camera to the floor. Neck straps generally don't come loose unless improperly threaded.
  • Always ensure that your strap is properly fastened before hanging your camera from it. Pay special attention to the stress points near the camera's eyelets or mounting hole, depending on the type of strap you use.

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