How to Play Electronic Guesstures


Electronic Guesstures is a fun and easy adult or family game. All you need to play is a few AA batteries, a few friends and a lot of creativity. Follow the instructions below to enjoy Electronic Guesstures with your loved ones.

Things You'll Need

  • Electronic Guesstures
  • Gather four or more players. Divide the players into two teams, or casts. The teams don’t have to be even, but you should try to divide the talent evenly.

  • Choose the first player. Press the “on” button at the bottom of the actor’s side of the game. Hand the game to the first player. This player will continue to Step 3.

  • Press the clapboard arm lever at the top of the game to begin your turn. A word will appear on the screen, and the timer will start. Try to get your teammates to guess the word. To do this, you must act out the word without making a sound. You can mouth words that are not the actual word, and you are also allowed to use props.

  • Press the clapboard again when the word is guessed. Another word will appear on the screen. Repeat Steps 3-4 until the timer runs out or you decide to stop. Points are based on the amount of words that are guessed before the thirty-second timer runs out. If you are acting a word when the timer runs out, you lose all your points.

  • Tell the non-guessing team to determine if they want to challenge. If the first team won points, but cheated, the second team can press the challenge button. The two teams must resolve the issue and determine whether the team gets its points.

  • Ask the second team to pick an actor. Repeat Steps 3-5 with the new actor.

  • Continue switching teams and actors until one of the teams reaches 15 points.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the game does not turn on when you press the on button, check the batteries. Electronic Guesstures requires three AA batteries. You will need a Phillips-head screwdriver to open the battery compartment.


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