How to Attach a Power Cord in an eMachines Monitor

EMachines is a discount brand of computer made by Gateway. The company manufactures both desktop and laptop computers under the eMachines name. If you currently own an eMachines desktop you more than likely want the monitor to work. Although connecting it to the actual computer is important, you also need to attach the power cord so the monitor can receive power.

Things You'll Need

  • eMachines monitor
  • Power cord
  • Surge protector
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      Look at the back of the eMachines computer monitor. You are going to see a port that has three prongs sticking out of it. This is the power port and made for the power cord. The cord comes with the purchase of any new eMachines computer or monitor.

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      Insert the power cord into the power port. Make sure the cord is pushed in completely. This ensures there is a solid connection between the power cord and the monitor.

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      Plug the opposite end of the power cord into a surge protector. A surge protector is made to protect your electronic devices during an electrical storm or other type of power surge. If lighting is to strike and cause a surge in your power lines, it could damage the device.

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      Plug the surge protector into a wall outlet and flip on the surge protector's power.

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