How to Design Your Own Letterman Jacket Online

Purchasing a letterman jacket is a once-in-a-lifetime experience meant to provide a lasting memory of your high school years. However, the buying process for these keepsakes can be difficult and confusing due to lack of understanding about the design process or lack of preparation. This article will instruct you how to design your own letterman jacket online through a few simple steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer (with Internet access)
  • Credit card
  1. Design Process

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      Creating a custom letterman jacket doesn't have to be complicated -- especially when you do it online. Start by making sure you have a strong and secure Internet connection and set your credit card next to your computer. Navigate to TM Athletics or Mount Olympus Design, which are two credible online letterman jacket retailers. Make sure you have the general design of your jacket in mind. This includes colors, logos and the flair you want included on the jacket.

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      Pick the size of your customized jacket. Jacket sizes generally run from Extra Small through 5X Large. The Web site will then prompt you to choose a Letterman jacket color. Make sure that the colors coincide with your school colors. Online jacket retailers offer dozens of color combinations, so it is important to choose the right ones. (Generally, the sleeves have a different color from the body of the jacket.)

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      Decide if you want chenille names or embroidery. According to Mount Olympus Awards, more than 95 percent of their customers prefer to add traditional chenille names to the back of their letterman jacket -- not embroidery. You will then need to decide how large you want the font on your jacket to be and if you would like the retailer to embroider upon the back or chest of the jacket.

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      Next, decide what additional custom features you would like included on your letterman jacket, including numbers and patches. Make sure that your custom letterman jacket showcases achievements such as making your school's varsity sports team or any academic accomplishments. Then add your name and that of your high school. Include a chenille number representing the expected date of graduation or a player jersey number on your jacket. Also, integrate your school’s mascot into the design of your jacket. Lastly, add any additional patches that represent your extracurricular activities such as music notes, stars or sports decals.

    • 5

      Double-check if all of the inputted information in the order is correct. Then purchase the customized letterman jacket using a credit card. Expect to wait six to eight weeks for your jacket delivery.

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