How to Burn CDs With Real Player

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How to Burn CDs With Real Player

One of the great things about digital music files is the ability to burn your own CDs. While there are plenty of programs on the market to help you do this, one of the most user-friendly is Realplayer. Realplayer acts as a media player and organizer which can burn data files, movies and songs to blank CDs and DVDs. With Realplayer, you can make your own mix CDs to take with you wherever you go.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • CD burner
  • Realplayer software
  • Blank CD
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      Open the Realplayer software. You should be able to double click if there is an icon on the desktop or open it from the Start menu.

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      Click on the "Tools" button on the top of the player window. When the "Tools" menu is open, click move your mouse to "CD" and then click on "CD Burner."

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      Place a blank CD into your CD burner. Make sure the CD is oriented correctly in the burner.

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      On the left side of the burner window there will be a "Tasks" frame with a pull-down window which initially says "My Library." Pull down this window and select "Browse" to bring up an explorer window.

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      Search the computer for the song files you want to add to your CD. When you have found the files, click on the file you want. It will be highlighted. Once the song is highlighted, click "Add." Repeat this for each song you want to add to the CD.

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      Click on the "Burn Your CD" button on the lower left hand side of the screen once you have added all the songs you want. This will begin the burn process.

Tips & Warnings

  • As you add songs, the burner window will show you how much room you have left on the CD. Keep an eye on this to help you plan what songs to add.

  • Make sure you are using a recordable CD to burn an audio CD. If you use a DVD or BluRay disc, you will not be able to play the disc in a CD player.

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