How to Use Denorex for Head Lice


Lice are wingless parasites that feed on blood, often from the human scalp. Parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the common use of pesticides on their children's heads to kill lice, a practice which may have long-term health effects. Luckily there are less caustic alternatives. Smothering the lice with antiseptic oils and following up with Denorex shampoo is becoming a popular and inexpensive approach to killing both the lice and their eggs.

Things You'll Need

  • Denorex Extra Strength shampoo
  • Shower caps
  • Olive oil
  • Neem oil
  • Comb out the hair over the toilet with a metal lice comb before heading to bed.

  • Apply a 2-to-1 mixture of olive oil and neem oil to the hair and scalp to be left in overnight. Use enough to smother the lice.

  • Place a shower cap over the head and an old towel on the pillow since the oil will leak out overnight. Wear an old T-shirt as well.

  • Throw the shower cap away in the morning. Comb out the hair over the toilet again.

  • Put Denorex Extra Strength shampoo in your hair. Do not rinse.

  • Put Vaseline on your ears and neck to protect them from burning from the Denorex.

  • Lather up the shampoo and cover your hair with a new shower cap. The shampoo is strong but leave it and the cap on for a full 10 minutes for a child and 30 minutes for an adult. The reduced time for children is not because they need less exposure but because 30 minutes is a lot to put a child through.

  • Rinse the shampoo out and comb your hair over the toilet again.

  • Apply a conditioner, to counter to strength of the shampoo on your scalp.

  • Repeat application every three days for three weeks total.

  • Treat the environment simultaneously. Treat all infested family members simultaneously. Otherwise, you risk re-infestation.

Tips & Warnings

  • To treat the environment, wash all clothes and linens on the hottest settings for both the washer and dryer. Let the dryer run on "hot" for at least 30 minutes. What cannot be treated this way should be sealed in airtight plastic bags for two weeks (e.g. plush toys and headphones) to starve the lice to death.
  • Don't apply Denorex to children under 2. Just use the oil treatment on them.

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