How to Clear Up Cloudiness in Your Eye


Cloudiness of the eye can be caused by many things like irritation and and even simple "morning eye", where you have a light cloudiness after a long night's sleep. Luckily, in most cases, cloudiness can clear up on its own. However, an easy at-home remedy can help clear up the cloudiness quickly, naturally and easily.

Things You'll Need

  • Barberry root
  • Eyewash cup
  • Distilled water
  • Coffee filters

Remove your contact lenses. If you wear contacts, remove them to help clear up cloudiness. In some cases, your contacts may be old and need to be switched out. Old contacts can also carry bacteria which can cause irritation. Whatever the cause, take out your contacts until cloudiness clears.

Take an antihistamine, if your cloudy discharge may be due to allergies. Often allergies can cause irritated eyes which can be cloudy. An antihistamine will help reduce the allergic reaction and clear up symptoms.

Start making your eyewash. First you’ll need to boil a powdered barberry root in about a cup of distilled water for 20 minutes. Barberry is a natural antibacterial that can help refresh eyes, clear them up, and kill any bacteria that may be causing cloudiness. You can find it at most health food stores.

Strain the solution several times with a coffee filter. You want to make sure you have no loose particles in the solution, which could irritate your eye.

Once the solution has cooled, pour some into an eyewash cup and place your eye onto the cup rim. Tilt your head back and blink five or six times, looking from left to right, and up and down, to ensure your eye gets covered completely. Dump out the eyewash and clean cup.

Repeat this two to three times a day, while cloudiness persists. If cloudiness doesn’t clear up after five days of treatment, see your doctor, as it may be a serious infection that could require the help of antibiotics.

Tips & Warnings

  • When dealing with cloudiness in the eye, try and avoid environments or things that will irritate or cause further problems, such as smoke-filled rooms, outdoor allergens and pet dander.
  • If you eye presents with any swelling, apply a cold compress to lower the swelling and redness.
  • If cloudiness worsens or is painful, call your doctor.

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