How to Store Fishing Poles in a Garage


A garage is a dangerous place for fishing poles. If the fishing poles are not properly stored, they can quickly become broken and unusable. Building a wall-mounted fishing rack will keep the poles off the floor and out of harm's way. You can tailor a fishing pole rack to store any number poles, and the materials are readily available at your local home improvement retailer. The mounting hardware required to hang your fishing pole rack will depend on the structure of your garage wall.

Things You'll Need

  • 4-foot-long pieces of 2-by-4 lumber, 2
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Combination square
  • Drill motor
  • 1/8-inch drill bit
  • 3/16-inch drill bit
  • 4-foot level
  • 3-inch-long wood screws or self-tapping concrete screws for block or concrete
  • No. 2 Phillips attachment for wood screws or 5/16th-inch hex head adapter for self-tapping concrete screws
  • 10 rubber-coated bicycle hooks
  • Flathead screwdriver

Building the Fishing Pole Rack

  • Lay the one of the 4-foot-long pieces of 2-by-4 lumber on a table with the 4-inch side of the lumber facing up.

  • With the pencil, place a mark 2 inches from either end of the board and one at the center of the board.

  • Adjust the combination square to 10 inches.

  • Lay the second 2-by-4 next to the one laying on the table with the 4-inch side facing up.

  • Align the edges of the two pieces of wood.

  • Rest the combination square against the edge of the board you marked in Step 2, lined up with one of the pencil marks.

  • Draw a line across both boards with the pencil. Repeat the process to mark location on both pieces of lumber. Mark each line with an "A."

  • Place a mark 4 inches in from one end of one of the boards and then every 10 inches until you reach the board's other end.

  • Transfer the marks from Step 8 to both boards as described in Step 8. Mark each of these lines with a "B."

  • Set the combination square at 1 7/8ths of an inch, half the width of the wide side of the board.

  • Place the combination square against one edge of one of the 2-by-4s. At each pencil line, place a mark to represent the center of the board.

  • Insert a 1/8th-inch drill bit into the drill motor.

  • Drill a 1/8th-inch hole at each location where the pencil marks cross.

  • Exchange the 1/8th-inch drill bit for the 3/16-inch drill bit.

  • Enlarge the 1/8th-inch hole at each hole on the lines marked with the letter A with the 3/16-inch drill bit.

Hanging the Fishing Pole Rack on the Wall

  • Use the tape measure to measure the wall of your garage and place a pencil mark at the height you would like your fishing rod holder.

  • Hold one of the boards against the wall, with the top edge of the board aligned with the pencil mark you made in Step 16.

  • Insert the pencil into the top 3/16-inch hole that you drilled through the board in Step 15.

  • Drill a 1/8th-inch hole on the pencil mark you placed on the wall in the previous step or drill the proper hole size for a self-tapping concrete anchor if your garage wall is not wood-framed.

  • Insert the appropriate attachment into the drill motor for the fastener you are using to install the fishing rod rack.

  • Realign the board with the height mark you have in the wall and secure the board by running a fastener through the board and into the wall.

  • Place the 4-foot level against the side of the board and move the board until the level reads exactly level.

  • Secure the board to the wall by running a fastener through each hole on a line marked with the letter A.

  • Measure 48 inches over from the mounted and place a pencil mark at that location.

  • Place the 4-foot level on top of the board that you previously mounted to the wall; place a pencil mark at the end of the level and near the 48-inch mark that you placed on the wall in the previous step.

  • Align and install the second board to the wall using the same procedures outlined for the first board.

  • Insert a bicycle hook into each 1/8th-inch hole located on the lines marked with the letter B. Turn the hook clockwise to thread the hooks into each board.

  • Place the flathead screwdriver across the U-section of each hook when you can no longer tighten the hook by hand. Leave the open end of each hook facing up.

  • Alternate the reel end of your fishing poles when you place them in the fishing pole rack.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are pre-made fishing pole racks available for you to install. If you choose a pre-made fishing pole rack, skip Section 1 and proceed directly to Section 2.

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