How to Hang a Kayak in a Garage


Hanging your kayak in a garage keeps the kayak out of the way, which saves storage space. It also protects the kayak from the UV degradation that occurs when storing the kayak outside, in the sun. If you align the kayak correctly, hanging the kayak above your vehicle makes loading and unloading easier. A simple 2:1 pulley system created from a couple of carabiners and ropes makes it easy to pull the kayak to the ceiling.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-inch webbing
  • 3-inch eyebolts
  • Carabiners
  • Rope
  • Create two webbing cradles from 2-inch tubular webbing. Wrap the webbing around your kayak at its bulkheads, and cut it long enough to leave room to tie a couple of knots.

  • Screw two 3-inch eyebolts in the garage's ceiling joists, above the kayak's bulkheads. If you plan on loading the kayak onto your car, position these eyebolts so that the kayak, when hung, hugs the ceiling above your car.

  • Screw two 3-inch eyebolts into the ceiling, centered between the other eyebolts.

  • Tie a rope to each of your webbing cradles.

  • Clip a carabiner to each of you webbing cradles.

  • Run the rope from each webbing cradle from the cradle through a ceiling eyehook. Then run it back down through the carabiner and up through one of the centered eyebolts.

  • Put the webbing cradles around the kayak and pull the kayak up using the ends of your ropes.

  • Tie the ropes to a carabiner clipped to an eyebolt screwed into your wall.

Tips & Warnings

  • The rope length varies based on the height of your ceiling and the location where you want to tie your kayak, so start with a long rope and cut to size after you figure out the length you need.
  • To avoid warping your kayak's hull, store the kayak on it's side when in the webbing strap cradles, and make sure that the webbing strap cradles align with the kayak's bulkheads.

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