How to Use a Peg Loom


Peg looms are small, portable looms that are easy to use. They are typically a long piece of sturdy wood, with evenly spaced holes drilled into it. Each hole has a corresponding peg. Each peg has a hole drilled through one end. The width of the finished piece is the same as the width of the loom. You determine the length with the vertical threads, or warp. The loom's simple construction makes it a great way to make items like rag rugs, where the horizontal threads, or weft, are too bulky for frame looms.

Things You'll Need

  • Loom
  • Sturdy thread for the warp that is small enough to fit through the holes in the pegs
  • Weft material, this could be rags, wool roving, or yarn scraps
  • Scissors
  • Cut the warp threads to three times the length of the finished piece. You need one warp thread for each peg on the loom.

  • Remove a peg from the loom and thread the warp through the hole. Pull it through until you reach the middle of the thread. Replace the peg in the hole on the loom. Repeat this for each peg. Let the warp hang loose.

  • Knot the cut ends of the warp of the first three pegs, that is six threads. Put the knot about 4 inches from the cut end. Repeat until all the threads are knotted. These knots keep the weaving from slipping off the end of the warp.

  • Weave the weft material around the pegs. On the first row, start a couple of pegs from the edge to hide the end in the material. When you get to the opposite end, wrap the material around the last peg, and weave the material back the other way. Keep weaving this way until the pegs are covered.

  • Remove three pegs from the loom, and pull the warp through to the knot. Replace the pegs in the loom. Repeat with all the pegs. Repeat steps four and five until there is about 6 inches of warp uncovered.

  • Remove a peg from one end of the the loom. Cut the warp, leaving enough thread to make a knot. Repeat with two more pegs, and knot the warp together. Put the knot close to the last row of weaving. Repeat with all the pegs. Trim the tassels evenly on both ends.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can secure the loom to a table with C-clamps or straps for more stability.
  • Do not add weft material at the edge of the loom. Instead add it a few pegs from either end to keep the edges neat. You can also knot the ends together and keep weaving.

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