How to Smoke a Venison Tenderloin


Venison is a very flavorful meat, despite a deer's vegetarian diet. This diet makes venison a popular healthy meat because it is so lean. Venison is also easy to season, pairing well with herbs, spices and marinades that also go well with beef and pork.
Smoking venison infuses flavors into the meat and can make it juicy and tender. However, because of venison's lack of fat, special precautions must be taken to ensure that it does not dry out.

Things You'll Need

  • Venison tenderloin
  • Foil
  • Knife
  • Smoker
  • Large towel
  • Small, stainless steel bowl
  • Wood chips
  • Water
  • Favorite meat rub
  • Start your smoker, smoldering wood chips up to about 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Spread foil over the smoking rack and poke holes in it so the smoke can reach the meat.

  • Rub your favorite dry rub over the tenderloin and set it on top of the foil. Gather the foil loosely around the meat to help trap flavors and moisture.

  • Fill a small, stainless steel bowl with water and set it close to the tenderloin. The water will evaporate and create moisture in the smoker which will help keep the tenderloin juicy.

  • Close the smoker and allow the tenderloin to cook for about an hour and a half. Open the smoker and slice into the meat a little. If the juices run clear, take the meat out of the smoker and wrap it in a large towel. If not, leave the meat in the smoker for another hour.

  • Allow the tenderloin to rest for about an hour. Keep it warm in the towel, placing more towels over it if necessary. Letting the meat rest will allow its juices to seep back into the meat.

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