How to Get a Guy to Pop the Question of Marriage

In a relationship, women tend to be ready for commitment sooner than men. As a result, many women become anxious while waiting for their boyfriend to pop the question of marriage. Although you do not want to pressure your boyfriend to propose before he is ready, there are certain things you can do to make him feel more confident about marriage and encourage him to propose to you.

Things You'll Need

  • Whole chicken
  • 2 Medium lemons
  • 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
  • Kosher or sea salt
  • Ground black pepper


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      Calm his fears and anxiety over marriage and commitment. Many guys fear the lifelong commitment of marriage. It's not always because they do not want to spend the rest of their life with you; sometimes they just fear they are not ready for such a significant commitment. Some men feel as though they need to reach a certain level of their career or a certain level of financial stability before getting married. Let your boyfriend know that his career and financial stability is important to you as well, and you are committed to working with him to help him achieve his goals. Help him to understand that marriage will allow you both to work together as a team to achieve your goals.

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      Get him excited about the idea of getting married to you. Be your sweet, wonderful self and allow him to see all the benefits of being committed to you. He should have no doubts that you are the woman he wants to marry. Be funny, sweet, caring and considerate. Respect his feelings, plan fun adventures with him and allow him to do the things he truly loves.

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      Leave little hints, letting him know that you are ready to get engaged. Whenever you see a guy propose to his girlfriend or watch a couple get married (in reality or in the movies), hug your boyfriend tight. Show your excitement when your friends get engaged or married. Point out your favorite styles of engagement rings while window shopping. If you hear a cute proposal story, share it with him. However, do not bombard him with hints; you do not want him to feel pressured to propose.

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      Be confident that he loves you and wants to marry you. Attitude and behavior have a surprisingly strong impact on reality; thinking happy thoughts often brings happy things into your life. When we feel confident and assured, we find less to worry about. As a result, we give off a more positive energy to those around us. In your relationship, allow yourself to feel confident of your commitment and future. Let your boyfriend know how happy and content you are with your relationship. As he sees you becoming more confident in the relationship, he will likely become more confident as well. However, do not become too over attached or clingy, as this might make him more anxious.

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      Make engagement chicken. For several years, Glamour magazine has proclaimed the powers of engagement chicken -- a chicken dinner that you are supposed to make for your boyfriend to get him to propose. Although the idea itself sounds silly, the strategy makes sense. Taking the time to make a home-cooked meal for your boyfriend reminds him how much you care for him and that you want to take care of him. Even if the dinner itself does not make him propose, at least it will show him that you care. Visit for the engagement chicken recipe.

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      Understand that he will only propose when he's ready. Although you desperately want your boyfriend to propose to you, it is important to remember that he will only propose when is ready. You do not want to pressure or push him to propose before he is ready; this will only create resentment and start your engagement off on a negative note. Just let him know that you are confident of your relationship and ready to take the next step together.


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