How to Get a Body Builder Body for a Woman

Women, in general, have less natural testosterone and tend to carry a higher percentage of body fat than men. To build quality muscle, a woman needs to understand the type of body with which she was born and apply the proper diet and training methods according to that type.

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  1. Ectomorphs

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      An inability to gain weight is the first indication that a woman is ectomorphic, suggesting she has little natural muscle and a small bone structure.

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      Increasing overall calorie intake should be the goal of ectomorphs attempting to build muscle. The most efficient way to do this is to drink high-calorie protein shakes between meals. Use a quality whey protein and blend in bananas, peanut butter and milk. Drink one shake between each meal and before going to bed. Drink another 30 minutes before weight training. Then, drink one protein shake mixed with water after training, along with a fast-digesting carbohydrate such as a sports drink.

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      Train a maximum of four days a week using heavy weights at 6 to 10 repetitions for each set. Limit or completely eliminate aerobic training, thus saving the additional calories for muscle growth.


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      Excessive fat stores is an indication of a woman who is endomorphic. Endomorphs also typically have a larger bone structure, more natural muscle and a slower metabolism.

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      Reducing body fat is the goal of an endomorph hoping to tone her body, but she still needs additional protein to build muscle. The key is to drink a quality whey protein mixed with water immediately after each weight training session, maintain a typical diet and increase cardio training.

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      Intense cardio sessions at least three days a week are a necessity. Those who gain weight too quickly (more than 1 or 2 pounds a week) should add more cardio work. Weight sessions should include higher repetitions (10 to 12) at a quicker pace while resting as little as possible between sets (30 seconds or less).


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      Defined as a natural athletes, mesomorphs do not carry a lot of fat, are muscular and have large bones.

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      Mesomorphs should drink protein shakes before and after training. Along with the pre-training shake, such women should eat a complex carbohydrate such as a banana, apple or oatmeal. The post-training routine should include a protein shake and a simple carb such as a sports drink. Increase the caloric value and the number of shakes as necessary to achieve specific goals.

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      Mesomorphs should train with a combination of cardio and weight training and drop the cardio if significant muscular gains are not seen. Use a combination of strength and muscle building exercises, starting each exercise with 12 reps and adding weight and decreasing reps with each set; the final set should be six reps.

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