How to Throw a Vampire Party

No need to wait for Halloween. Surprise you friends by using a vampire theme for birthday parties or any party that you want to be a little different. It's easy to decorate your house and make recipes that follow the vampire theme. Your friends will be dying to be on your guest list.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard cutouts of Vampires, crypt doors, coffins or graveyard gates
  • Black lights
  • black fabric
  • white sheets
  • black candles
  • black and red foods
  • black tables cloths, plates and silverware
  • black roses


  1. Make Your Invitations

    • 1

      Create your own vampire invitations by making them shaped like a bat. (See Resources.) Fold a piece of black construction paper in half. Trace the bat pattern, keeping the top of the bat's head on the fold. When you cut the bat out, don't cut through the top of the invitation completely. For added drama, glue round red jewels purchased at craft stores for bat eyes.

    • 2

      Using a computer word processing program, create the inside of the invitation. Have fun with the wording, such as:

      We Are Dying To Invite You To Our Party

      When: At the New Moon (add your date here)
      Where: The Graveyard (add your address here)
      Time: Twilight (add the time of your party here)
      Dress: Like a vampire

    • 3

      Size this part of the invitation so that it fits on the bat template. Print on antique white paper and glue it to the inside of the bat invitation.

    Decorate for a Vampire Theme

    • 4

      Decorate your yard with life-size cardboard cutouts of graveyard gates, a coffin box or crypt doors. Place the cutout crypt doors around your front door, so it looks like your guests are entering a graveyard crypt.

    • 5

      Substitute black lights in your light fixtures both indoors and out. As guests arrive, the only things glowing will be their white teeth and anything white.

    • 6

      Hang spider webbing around your light fixtures and drape it from other items in your home. Cover the furniture with black fabric, or use white sheets to cover all your furniture like an old dusty deserted house.

    • 7

      Cover your windows in shredded fabric to look like it has rotted away. Make your window coverings from old sheets or cheap fabric.

    Set a Vampire Table

    • 8

      Put a black tablecloth on your food table and use lots of candles, preferably black or red, in candelabras.

    • 9

      Make black roses for the centerpiece -- purchase white silk roses from a craft store and dye them black by soaking them in black fabric dye until they turn black, then hang upside down to dry. Use black plates, napkins and black plastic silverware.

    • 10

      Emphasize the red and black theme in the food. Think black olives, salsa and blue/black chips, red punch, Bloody Mary drinks, red wine and tomato juice. Get dry ice and put it in the punch for a fog effect. Purchase bottles of red soda and put labels on them that say "Type A," "Type O" or "Type B."

    • 11

      Serve desserts such as devil's food cake or red velvet cake. If you're making your own cupcakes, use lots of red food coloring in a white cake mix. Make bat sugar cookies using a bat-shaped cookie cutter. If you have a chocolate fountain, add red coloring to white chocolate, then serve with fruits like strawberries, cherries, blood oranges or marshmallows, so that it looks like you're dipping food into blood.

    Set the Mood

    • 12

      Dress up like a vampire -- think black formal wear -- and ask your guests to come in costume.

    • 13

      Hand each guest a pair of wax or plastic vampire fangs.

    • 14

      Have creepy, ghoulish music playing with hysterical laughter and haunting sounds. Or have DVDs of old vampire movies playing in the background.

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