How to Jump Motorhome 6 Batteries Wired in a Series


Motorhomes can be great fun. You can use them on road trips, take them across the country and see the family, or maybe just camp out down the street when the urge arises. Like anything, RVs and Motorhomes need maintenance. Because of the large electrical load that most RVs have, they require a lot of batteries to put out the kind of power to the accessories that they need. But if you need to jumpstart your motorhome, how do you figure out all that wiring? Don't worry, it's easy and should just take a few minutes to do.

Things You'll Need

  • Open-end wrench set
  • Battery charger with jump-start mode
  • Pop the battery compartment open and inspect the batteries. Batteries wired in series have a battery cable that connects the negative terminal of one battery to the positive terminal of the next battery, and on down the line until you just have two connections: The positive terminal of the first battery and the negative terminal on the last.

  • Make sure that you have the right battery charger for the job. When wiring batteries in series, the voltage multiplies with each battery. So if you have four 12-volt batteries, you need a 48-volt charger to get the system started.

  • Connect the positive lead from the battery charger to the positive terminal on the first battery, the one with a positive lead that does not connect to any other batteries.

  • Connect the negative lead from the battery charger to the negative terminal on the last battery, the one with a negative lead that connects to a ground source, typically on the frame.

  • Set the battery charger to jump-start mode, and plug it in. The batteries will start to charge.

  • Allow the batteries to charge for two minutes and then try to start the vehicle. If it doesn't start, switch the charger to the standard charging mode. Allow it to charge for at least four hours and try again.

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