How to Take Milk Thistle for Bodybuilding


Milk thistle is a popular supplement used by bodybuilders for a variety of reasons, most importantly to aid in liver function. For those on a high-protein diet or using certain types of supplements, especially those hormone-related, milk thistle is a necessity to prevent serious complications. With that said, milk thistle isn't right for everyone, and it's important to fully educate yourself before taking any supplement.

Things You'll Need

  • Milk thistle
  • Doctor

Is Milk Thistle Right For You?

Evaluate whether or not milk thistle is beneficial to add to your supplement regimen. Those using testosterone boosters or prohormones are well-advised to take it, as these drugs can have a detrimental effect on liver function. For the same reason, milk thistle is helpful to those cycling off hormone-related supplements.

Milk thistle can have a beneficial affect on cholesterol levels, and is alleged to be helpful in treating hangovers and acute opiate withdrawal. Because milk thistle is inexpensive compared to other supplements aiming to do the same thing, it's often a wise choice.

Ask your doctor if milk thistle is appropriate to add to your diet. Milk thistle, like all supplements, carries the risk of dangerous interactions with prescription drugs, and a physician is best suited to educate you on these issues.

Taking Milk Thistle

Ask people around your gym what kinds of regimens they employ when using milk thistle. Much about supplements is based in anecdotal evidence, and experienced users can tell you when to take it, and how much. Remember to clarify these recommendations with your doctor.

At your local supplement retailer, ask the clerk what brands and products he recommends. The store receives customer feedback, firsthand, on a daily basis, so the clerk will know what works and what doesn't.

Examine the supplements you're currently taking, because they may contain milk thistle without you knowing it, making further supplementation unnecessary. Many prohormones and testosterone-boosting products already contain some sort of liver support.

Milk thistle is sold in tablet, pill and, on the rarer occasion, powder or liquid form. If you have trouble taking pills, the powder or liquid alternatives may be more appropriate for you.

Follow the directions on the package of the product you purchase for further dosage instructions. Different brands may contain other ingredients in addition to milk thistle; for your safety, it's important to stay informed.

Tips & Warnings

  • More expensive doesn't mean better. In general, generic milk thistle is just as effective as pricey brand names.
  • Never add a supplement to your diet without the direct approval of a licensed physician.

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