How to Beat Evrae on Final Fantasy X


"Final Fantasy X" is a game for the PlayStation 2 that involves guiding a group of heroes through an intricate quest where they must fight many different monstrous creatures. Evrae is a flying dragon-like creature that attacks your party on the airship toward the middle of the game, after journeying through the Sanubia Desert and visiting Rikku's homeland. Evrae is one of the more difficult boss monsters in the game to defeat, but proper preparation and strategy can make defeating it much easier.

  • Collect 20 or more Al Bhed Potions. You can get them from fighting monsters at Bikanel Island.

  • Equip Rikku with the "Use" command, and make sure Lulu has the slow and haste spells.

  • Start the battle with Evrae and have a character use power break while the creature is close. Power break will substantially lower Evrae's physical damage output.

  • Use Lulu to cast the slow spell on Evrae and the haste spell on the entire party.

  • Order Cid to pull the airship back if Evrae is close up. Fighting Evrae from far away will make it use weaker attacks. Furthermore, Cid will sometimes use a powerful missile attack to help support your party.

  • Use Wakka's physical attacks and Lulu's black magic spells firaga, blizzaga and thundaga to damage Evrae when it is far away. The main disadvantage to fighting Evrae at long range is that melee abilities cannot hit it, but you can whittle down its hit points with long-range attacks while staying relatively safe.

  • Utilize Rikku's "Use" command to use an Al Bhed potion when Evrae damages your party. These potions heal your entire party for 1,000 hit points and cure negative status ailments like poison and petrification. Use Rikku primarily for healing characters with potions and using revival items like phoenix downs and mega phoenixes when necessary to bring fallen characters back to life. Evrae tends to use a relatively weak photon beam attack when at long range, but at close range it can use poison breath, which will hit all characters for around 1,000 damage and poison them. Be ready to use an Al Bhed potion right away if he uses poison breath.

  • Make Cid stay at a distance and use long range attacks while healing with potions until Evrae is defeated. Evrae has approximately 32,000 hit points and will use haste on itself when it falls to about half that, after which it can no longer be slowed. Keeping haste up on your whole party is a good idea to make sure your characters do not get overwhelmed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Level up your characters by battling normal monsters prior to fighting Evrae to make it easier to defeat him.
  • You will encounter an undead version of Evrae later in the game; healing items such as phoenix downs deal an incredible amount of damage to undead creatures and will kill the undead version of Evrae easily.

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