How to Gradually Reduce Dose of Hydrochlorothiazide


Doctors commonly use hydrochlorothiazide as a diuretic to help manage hypertension. But the drug can have side effects such as abdominal cramping, elevated blood sugar and lowered potassium, so some patients prefer to discontinue use, particularly if they are managing their hypertension effectively through diet and exercise. Gradual reduction is one strategy to discontinue the use of hydrochlorothiazide.

Things You'll Need

  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Herbal diuretic


  • Work closely with your doctor to gradually reduce your dose of hydrochlorothiazide. Monitor your blood pressure regularly and inform your doctor about any dramatic increases or sudden changes.

  • Focus on diet and exercise to help lower your blood pressure as you wean yourself off of your medication. Lower your intake of salt and exercise regularly.

  • Consider taking an herbal diuretic, such as dandelion. This can help your body eliminate excess fluid without taking hydrochlorothiazide. Consult a naturopath if you have any questions about herbal diuretics, and inform your pharmacist that you are taking them when you order any addition prescription medication.

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