How To Delete a Toolbar Virus


The notorious Toolbar virus, which is more frequently known as Toolbar 888, is part of the ever expanding suite of SmitFraud virus programs. As the name would suggest, the Toolbar virus installs a toolbar onto your web browser that monitors your surfing habits. In addition to invading your privacy, the program is also capable of discretely downloading and installing other virus files. You can manually remove the Toolbar virus from your system by deleting each of the files it has installed.

  • Close down any web browsers that are currently open. Disconnect your computer's Ethernet cable or unplug your router so that your computer cannot access the Internet.

  • Tap the "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete" keys simultaneously and then click "Open Task Manager." Click "Processes." Check through the list of processes that are currently running and locate "winftx32.dll."

  • Click the process name and then choose "End Process." Shut down the remaining Toolbar virus processes labeled "activate.exe," "update.exe," "windr32.exe," "menu5.exe," "mytoolbar.dll," "n.exe," "aupdate32.exe" and "toolbar.exe."

  • Open the Start menu and access the operating system's Search feature. Search for the process files you shut down and delete each of them.

  • Bring up the registry editor's icon by searching for "Regedit." Click the icon. Access the registry searching feature by pressing "Ctrl" and "F" at the same time.

  • Type "cbcc61fa-0221-4ccc-b409-cee865caca3a" into the search entry field. Right-click and delete the registry value that appears.

  • Repeat the process for the values labeled "c6f2214e-0b54-45a9-b90d-7dd4ba45ed0b," "569304ba-83ed-4cff-ac26-be3e482f7208," "84c4d3ae-0bb0-1033-0729-050001" and "toolbar888."

  • Restart your computer. Reconnect your computer's Ethernet cable or router. Open a web browser. Click "Tools" and then "Add Ons."

  • Click the Toolbar option and then choose "Disable."

Tips & Warnings

  • The best way to keep your computer free of virus files is to install a firewall and run an antivirus program at least once every week.
  • You may need to choose slightly different options from removing the toolbar from your web browser depending on the specific browser you have. Click the "Help" button and check through the contents to find specific instructions.

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