How to Get Mods on Your XBox


Many gamers modify their Xbox video game console so that it can do things differently than Microsoft intended. Adding a Media Center program to the operating system allows the Xbox to be able to stream movies and music to a home theater. The process to do this is not complicated but does require time and patience. The end result is that the Xbox will become a media center and much more usable in your home theater.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows-based computer
  • Home network
  • "MechAssault" video game
  • Action Replay cable
  • NDURE installer software
  • Xbox media center software
  • FlashFXP software
  • uTorrent software
  • Download and install uTorrent to the desktop of the computer which is connected to a home network (see link in Resources). Download and install FlashFXP to the desktop of the computer (see link in Resources).

    Download and install the Xbox Media Center program to the desktop of the computer (see link in Resources).

  • Run uTorrent. Search for the "Krayzie's NDURE exploit" and select it and wait for the torrent file to download to the desktop of the computer.

    Run the Action Replay CD disc to install the Action replay software. Remove the CD when done. Attach the USB connector of the Action Replay device to a USB port of the computer.

    Run the Action Replay program.

  • Open the folder created by the NDURE installer and drag the "" file into the center column of the Action Replay software. Wait for the file to be copied to the memory card on the Action replay device.

    Scroll down the PC Database column until you see "Run Lixux" below "MechAssault" in the center column. Drag the "Run Linux" file into the center column and wait as it is copied to the memory card.

    Quit the Xbox Replay software. Remove the Action Replay cable from the USB port of the computer. Remove the memory card from the Xbox Replay cable.

  • Insert the memory card into the Xbox controller. Attach the Xbox to the home network. Turn the Xbox on and select "memory" from the Dashboard menu. Follow the prompts to copy the game-save created on the memory card to the Xbox's hard drive.

    Remove the memory card and restart the Xbox.

  • Insert the "MechAssault" game disc into the Xbox. Select the "campaign" option from the main screen. Highlight the "Run Linux" game-save that appears on the next screen. Press "A" to run the game-save and go to a new menu screen.

    Select the option to back up the EEPROM and then follow the steps presented afterward to install the modification.

    Remove the "MechAssault" game disc and turn off the Xbox.

  • Turn on the XBox. Go to the "Settings" menu and write down the "IP" address that is listed under Network settings and has been automatically created when the Xbox is connected to a home network.

    Run FlashFXP and navigate to the Xbox media center software that has now been decompressed.

    Open an FTP connection on the Xbox by clicking the lightning bolt from the Network screen and selecting "Quick connect." Put in the IP address written down from the Xbox sand enter "xbox" as the username and as the password when prompted to do so. Uncheck "Use Passive" mode on the "Options" tab. Navigate to the Home screen of the Dahsboard and then select the Xbox media center files visible in the window of the Windows-based computers hard drive. Copy the Xbox media files to the Dashboard directory of the XBox's hard drive.

  • Restart the Xbox when this has been completed. Wait for the Xbox Media Center to start up as the Home screen on the Xbox.

  • Navigate to the computer's hard drive from within the Xbox media center program and select a video or music file to stream to the Xbox.

Tips & Warnings

  • Write down all of the steps needed and check each off as completed. This will help you keep track of the many steps required.
  • Modifying the Xbox could result in a problem that causes it to shut down.

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