How to Change the Time on a DSC Alarm


DSC home alarm system control panels have a large, back-lit LCD touch screen. The touch screen is easy to use and is less cumbersome than many alarm control panels that have large keypads. On the bottom of the screen is a status bar that displays the date and time. Unlike some electronic devices that automatically adjust the time, you need to manually set the time on your DSC alarm system control panel.

  • Tap "Main Menu" and "Settings" on the control panel touch screen to open the main settings menu.

  • Touch "More" and choose "Time/Date." From this menu you will see options for the hour, minute, month, day and year.

  • Press the ">" button next to each unit to increase the value of the unit, and press the "<" button to decrease the value of the unit. For example, if you want to increase the hours unit, press the ">" button until the correct hour is shown. You can change each unit on the same screen.

  • Tap the "Save" button when you are finished setting the time. If you do not press "Save," the time will not change.


  • PK5590CL Touch Screen Security Interface User Guide; DSC; 2007
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